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Guinea (Conakry) or the Republic of Guinea - to differentiate the country from Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau – is a West African nation that is rich in natural resources and layered culture. It is replete with diverse and varied natural beauties such as thermal springs, natural aquariums, natural parks, unique animal species, numerous rivers, and mountains. But even more interesting are the people of this great nation.

Though Guinea boasts of immense mineral wealth, the people of this nation are among the poorest in West Africa. This is the primary reason why Guinean women are keen to marry foreigners that will take them away from their impoverished state to wealth and affluence.

Features of Guinean women

Guinean women are naturally beautiful

Although there are people of different views and convictions of life, there is no segregation when it comes to beauty. Guinean women are tall with dark, flawless skin which contradicts the sorry state of the country, even without cosmetic enhancements.

Their natural endowments are highly appreciated and one of the reasons why the current president recognizes the importance of women to economic, cultural and social production.

They are smart

Reports shows that only 10% of students studying in higher institutions are females. The also shows that the average Guinean woman is less educated and financially secure compared to the average man in the country. However, the former president of the Republic of Guinea has taken steps to institute programs that promote not only the education but also the prosperity of Guinean women.

Since a majority of Guinean women do not have the opportunity to attend school primarily due to the inability of their families to afford the fees, they tend to stay back at home and render help in the farms. This is why Guinean women are seeking foreign husbands who will marry them and allow them to go to school to get a better life.

They are adapted to family life

Polygamy is a common practice in most West African nations, and Guinea is no exception. This means that most Guinean women grew up in large families; hence Guinean girls have had their fair share of allocations for cooking, child care, marketing, and even working in the fields.

This lifestyle has ensured that almost every Guinean woman knows how to cook, take care of the children and the home in general. In other words, Guinean women are efficient managers of the home.

How will Guinean women perform as wives?


Guinean mail order brides instill discipline in their children

Marrying a Guinean mail order bride means your kids – when you eventually have them – are in safe and good hands. Guinean women teach their children the rudiments of etiquette early in life. For instance, greetings are a very important part of the culture in Guinea. It is also considered insensitive to make a request or ask questions without initially inquiring about the well-being or state of health of someone and their families.

It is also generally considered rude to use the left hand in any social dealings, whether to hand over some items to someone, shake hands, pay for or point at someone or something. Women of Guinea watch their close people to be positive with everybody, and give a positive example themselves.

Guinean women are impressive cooks

Guinean women are experts at turning sorghum, rice, cassava, and millet into tasty meals. They prepare sauces with ground-nuts, tomatoes, and okra along with smoked or fresh meat, fish or poultry. There is almost no Guinean woman who does not know how to cook Yassa chicken (chicken cooked in a sauce made with tomatoes and onions).

You will also get to enjoy other African dishes such as Jollof rice, fufu, fried plantain, cassava leaf sauce, fried sweet potatoes (patates), etc. You can wash down these meals with a refreshing ginger drink or with the fresh, African palm wine.

A wife like that is a dream of many men from all around the world. So what are you waiting for? Pick your Guinean bride and create your own ‘happily ever after’!