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The Comoro Islands are an unusual place to visit for many people. The locals are different from everyone else. They have their special culture and mentality features. Comoran women attract a lot of foreigners’ attention. It is said that Comoran ladies make wonderful wives. Is that so? We have come up with the top qualities of Comoran women that you may find interesting.

Comoran brides marry at a young age

As a part of the local culture which has been forming for centuries, women always became wives at quite a young age. Many of them got married being only 12-year-old girls. Today it is not so strict as it used to be. But Comoran women become adult fasten that women in Europe or Northern America do. It means that they are ready to live their own life, leave the parents and start their own families. Brides from the Comoro Islands value this opportunity and try their best to succeed.

Comoran women dress brightly according to the traditions

On the Comoro Islands, women enjoy wearing bright and colorful traditional dresses. It is a part of their culture that emphasizes Comoran women’s natural beauty. As women are dark-skinned here, the dresses look especially well on them. It adds even more femininity to their appearances and creates a special charm. Comoran brides don’t dress up to boast or show off. They really like their traditional clothing and wear it with pride.


Comoran ladies like foreigners

Women from the Comoro Islands are interested in international relations. They gladly welcome men from abroad who come to their area sightseeing or looking for brides. The ‘gringos’ are their huge interest. So, Comoran mail-order brides will go on a date with an American or a Canadian with much pleasure. As you can guess, such an attitude is a benefit when you are aimed at marriage with a lady from the Comoro Islands. She is more likely to say ‘yes’!

Comoran brides are modest

The absolute majority of the population of the Comoro Islands are Muslim. So, they follow their traditions a lot. Local women are usually brought up with the ideas of modesty and decent behavior. If you marry a Comoran mail-order bride, it is a guarantee that your wife will be calm, obedient and reserved. If you support the traditional gender roles in the family, it will be a lucky choice for you.

Comoran women are aimed at marriage

Comoran brides prefer the development through motherhood and marriage. They want to establish a long-lasting relationship with a decent man who will propose. It is important for a Comoran lady to realize herself in the family, taking care of her husband and children.