5 Shortcuts to Start Speaking Ukrainian

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Ukrainian women are very patriotic – they cherish their mother-tongue and respect it even if they do not speak it well. The thing is that thousands of Ukrainians are bilinguals due to their Soviet past. Any Ukrainian can understand both Ukrainian and Russian.

However, it is not a good idea for you to get close to a Ukrainian speaking only Russian. The best way to charm a Ukrainian woman is to start communicating with her in melodious Ukrainian – as Ukrainians call it the “Nightingale” language.

Here are 5 tips for you to start speaking promptly.

1. Learn The Alphabet and How to Read

You may omit this tip, you can learn phrases straightforward or listen to Ukrainian songs, but it won’t do good for you.

To begin speaking with your chosen Ukrainian woman, you need to understand how the language works: how sounds are cut into words, how they are pronounced correctly and so on. If you listen to the Ukrainian language, it may seem to you it is just a stream of pleasant sounds, thus, you won’t be able to understand how to talk.

So it is better you start traditionally with learning the alphabet and reading. The latter can help you improve your pronunciation even though it is not directly connected to speaking.

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2. Learn Everyday Phrases

Learning particular words is good but they will most likely stay in the passive vocabulary you won’t use with your Ukrainian bride. It is recommended you learn by heart whole phrases and then use them in life – both in speaking and writing. Teachers advise to write or say the same phrase in different sentence structures to remember it better.

Bear in mind you should also focus only on the vocabulary that you will need at first – forget about abstract terms and focus on daily and romantic topics.

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3. Listen to Ukrainian Songs

Ukrainian songs do not include only traditional ones – there are lots of pop-songs that can help you get new vocabulary (especially, the one for expressing feelings that you will need for sure).

Listen to Ukrainian songs while reading the lyrics and translate the words/phrases you do not understand. If it’s possible, do it with someone who understands Ukrainian well.

After all, why do you need it? Because it will help you get used to the language and teach you how to understand the spoken language of other people.

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4. Speak With Native Ukrainian Speakers, Not Russians

A Russian woman might understand Ukrainian, but she will never speak it well because of her Russian accent, so better practice Ukrainian with a Ukrainian bride. It might be your potential bride or the current one – it is up to you. All you need is practice.

5. Begin Thinking in Ukrainian

Wherever you go, whatever you do, think in Ukrainian using the vocabulary you have already studied. Start from such simple things like naming colors or describing what somebody does. It will help you a lot in applying the spoken language in life later.

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